Angela Accarrino, human-based photographer.














Ardour is a state of light-pola

Holidays on Earth-polaPassage-pola

Caffeine solitude-pola

Here, now, life-pola

Summer of 80's-pola


Modern distance-pola

With the pumped up kicks-pola


The best of you-pola

Too darn windy-polaFigure out-pola

Terza generazione-pola

Do it left-pola

Shoes are not for reading-polaLight feeding-pola

Body language-pola

The good news-pola

Per tornare-pola

8111siteAngela Accarrino is an italian photographer born and raised in Bari, and she belongs to her home town as much as many other places.

A strongly taught humanist with a master’s degree in Literature & Arts, Angie is specialized in people; street photography, reportage, portraiture are the tools she favors to underline natural beauty and lust for life.

Angie’s work roams a lot, having been featured worldwide from Europe, South America to the USA. She’s member of a bunch of international collectives and a definitely untamed soul.

If you wanna say “hi”, make small talk or pose a question, feel free to contact Angie. She’s very outgoing and a staunch supporter of personal communication.